Our Services

CONSULT: Advice, Support, …

CONSULTING, the first pillar of our service offer will provide you advice & facilitate a clear understanding of all legislation’s. Thus, helping you seeking new business opportunities, by providing you a solid communication platform between your company or federation and the relevant legislative bodies.


PROJECTS: Coaching, Training, …

The second pillar entails PROJECTS related work, where we offer coaching for individuals, teams or departments to facilitate a coherent and efficient team work within the legal framework your company is subject to.


DESIGN: Presentations, Course’s, …

DESIGN forms the third pillar of our service offer, in which we create tailored publications or communications, provide personalized training programs & sessions, or host seminars.

All of which will be adapted to the framework and specific requirements provided by you.


Consult CoprodesTEAM BOOSTER / TEAMBUILDING Activities

COPRODES offers you the possibility to combine regulatory training with reinforcing your team coherence, making use of guidelines and practical examples from regulations as the basis for exiting indoor and/or outdoor activities and bootcamps.

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