About Us

COPRODES – Consult, Projects & Design

COPRODES critical to ensure that your company-federation will achieve operational excellence, smoothly& efficiently, within the European Framework.

OUR MISSION is to support you understanding comprehensive Regulations & Legislations and define & develop new opportunities and support expansion & optimization of your business.

COPRODES is based in Belgium but operational within all European member states.

About Patrick VERHELLE

Patrick's unique expertise is based on building on practical and in depth life science experience in the European Downstream User sector, understanding applied chemistry, the systems, the applications, regulations and customer needs, both in the B2B and B2C environment.

Being able to share his profound, strategic and in depth business experience about implementation, impact and compliance for regulations and regulatory projects, Patrick has founded his own Consulting and Regulatory Compliance Company, COPRODES, Consult, Projects & Design, situated in the centre of Europe (Belgium).

Patrick is a driven & enthusiastic coach, consultant, mentor & trainer with focus on legal compliance, customer communication and good in exploring business opportunities out if it.

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